VSTAR Platform


to an integrated learning management platform for
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

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VSTAR Learn Learn - Access course and lecture material, check course calendars, quizzes, assignments, watch lecture videos etc.
VSTAR Portfolio Portfolio - Complete weekly logs, personalized learning plans, self reflections, self assessment, and of-course discuss all of this with your portfolio advisors.
CurriculumMap CurriculumMap (new) - Design Curriculum Library, Map course sessions to learning objectives, Map learning objectives to sub-competencies and core-competencies, Create new learning objectives, Create curriculum reports, Search across curriculum library.
VSTAR Freeform Freeform - Create class discussion groups, collaborate with your classmates, network with your friends at Vanderbilt!
School of Medincine Online Grading Online Grading - For faculty and staff only. Online Grading application to evaluate students and submit final grades.
School of Medincine Outcomes Database Outcomes Database - For Dean's and Registrar's office only. Online application to compile outcomes data for School of Medicine.
Support Center Support Center - Need some help?, click here to create support ticket. Did that already?, check status here. If you are support staff, click here to login to Support Center as staff (Not on single sign-on, this will take you to a separate login page).